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Hey i finally saw your message! I don't check my youtube message much so hit me up on my Gmail instead if you want me to try out your games! 

SPOILER i did get scared...:( LOL


Hahahaha you are so funny, I couldn't stop laughing all video hahaha! Thanks a lot for playing, the next one will be scarier! :)

And thanks too for your feedback, they are very useful for me :)

The creepy background noises and lighting restrictions really nailed the horror aspects, plus I gotta say the dragon/demon thingy was kiiiinnddaaa cute. Thanks for making this, it's very well done.

Thanks a lot for playing! And really liked it a lot and next one will be better, so I hope you will play it too! :)

Congratulations you managed to scare me! It's a really good game! The whispering is what really got to me.

Good job :D

Oh! I'm glad to know it! Next one will be better & thanks for playing! :)

I can't wait to play the next one :D

Great Game ! AH , you passed to scare me! Need more games like this! sorry for the late reply ,i got the message today .Anyways, ITS A MUST TRY for everyone ! i would give 10/10 . Looking for more in the future! :)

Thanks a lot for playing! Next one will be better! :)

This is very well made considering the restrictions, the lighting has a really cool look to it, and nice pacing.  The use of sound is particularly well done.  I had fun with this one, very nice work.

Hahahaha I loved it! I have learned a lot thanks of people like you. Your feedback is very appreciated and I promise that next one will make your pants going wet! :)

Thanks again for playing :)

Thanks for sending in your game ! I loved it will upload a 4K Video of it !

I'm so glad knowing it! I'll wait till you load your video, I'm really excited!

surprisingly spooky with only using cubes.

This game is short and very nice!!! :D

Thanks for playing! :)

Gave it a go...

Thanks a lot for playing and for your feedback! I promise you next game will be better :)


Awesome game had me breathing heavy at the end. Great work!!

Hahaha, it was so funny and I'm pleased to see that my game little scared you :) Thanks a lot for playing and keep fighting for your dreams! :)

Thanks for the message. I really enjoyed this. Creepy as hell at times. A really good job on this game. Well done... :)

You are welcome! I'm pleased that you enjoyed it and it was funny watching you playing :)

Hi I'm Nathan Blake! I played your game on my channel and really liked it! Here's the video of my gameplay! 

Keep up the good work! Have a good one!

You made me very happy when I saw that you were playing my game! :) Thanks a lot man, I hope you liked it and it was very funny watching you too ;)

you transmit that feeling of horror very well, I almost shit in my pants a couple of times, your sick mind xD you have my DIESES.

Hahahahaha! Thanks for playing :)